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We are part of China state owned international recruitment agency—Resourcenet group Co. Ltd which has been one of the most prestigious China oversea recruitment agency since 1994. With the great network in different provinces, we have supplied hundreds of Chinese chefs, Japanese chefs and Asian cuisine chefs for restaurants in 43 countries. 
We understand the importance of the chefs to the restaurant, and never ever look our job as just a type of business. Fitting a suitable chef never being an easy task, we know the different role for chefs who work in pending restaurant, fast food outlet, chain restaurants and traditional ones. So we will ask more details about your restaurant background, society information, potential  consumers, menu, sizes of the restaurant and many more. We believe all these will help us for better fitting a chef for you. You would not receive a 5-star-hotel headchef for your fast food outlet, nor a junior cook for your first-chef position.

    We make great effort to understand culinary industry, we see from your view, we take our responsibility and grow with your                                                                 success. Contact us for your chef /cook vacancies.

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Chinesse Chefs Recruitment Services

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Chinese chefs recruitment services

5000 years of Chinese culture history and vast areas of the country, has derived Chinese cuisine into 8 main pedigrees /styles. We will learn your menu and find the right candidates. All chefs will be told to adjust their cooking way and thinking the best fit to the locals.

We are proud to have help chains restaurants in many countries or grown their business into chain restaurants or even across the countries boards. When you enjoy tasty Chinese /Asian cuisine traveling in Australia, UK, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Euro, Singapore and other cities in Southeast Asia, you might be served by our chefs who are working oversea delivering Chinese culinary culture. We believe chef is the quintessential role for the restaurant besides the management, so we take seriously for our job. Choose us be your Chinese chefs recruitment agency in China, to consolidate your prominent leading in your area

Japanese / Asian cuisine chefs 

The long historical culture related between China and Japan, has help Japanese cuisine to get its popularity in China. There are tens of thousands Japanese cuisine restaurants in every corner of cities and towns in China, which are mostly owned and run by Chinese. You might realize it after looking into the Japanese cuisine restaurants in Paris, Australia, Singapore and many other western countries. We have recruited more than 90 Japanese cuisine chefs for many developed countries.
As a similar case, it would not surprise you if you encounter genuine Asian cuisine in China since great popularity of Southeast Asian food prepared, cooked and served by Chinese and to Chinese.

You are not knocking a wrong door if you ask for Japanese chef or Asian cuisine chef from us.

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